Badminton Signup

PATA Adult Badminton Tournament 2024

Tournament Date Feb 3rd and 4th 

Location Peoria Rivercity Athletic Club


NOTE: The below rules do not cover every unique scenario. When there is a conflict, the PATA organizers will make the final decision and that will override any rule.


Pre-register online below (scroll down for regitration form) before 31st January 2024 6PM. Please do not wait until last day to register. Early registration helps better planning for the event


When you signup please select which events you are pariticpating (Single, Doubles, Mixed Doubles) and pay fees based on number of events.

If you are participating in Doubles Events, make sure your partner also registers and pays his/her fee for the doubles event.

1 Event: $10, 2 Events: $15, 3 Events: $20


Game Categories :

1.      MS- Men’s Singles     2. MD- Men’s Doubles    3. XD- Mixed Doubles    4. WS*- Women’s Singles    5. WD*- Women’s Doubles   

*Subject to change based on the availability.

MS and MD will be subdivided based on 2 Independent Age Groups:

a.      < 50 years Old

b.      >= 50 years Old

Game Format :

The following game format will be followed.

1.      League Matches (Pool A, B, C, D)

2.      Division Matches (Division 1 and Division 2)

3.      Quarter Finals*

4.      Semi Finals

5.      Finals

                            *Format is subject to change based on the available number of players per Category.


1.      League Matches are based on 1 set of either 21 or 15 points.

2.      we will have division 1 and division 2 after the first set of league matches. The top 2 teams will go into div 1 (quarters, semis and finals) the next 2 teams will go into Division 2. The teams that lose in Division 1 will get down to division 2.

Quarters, semis in Division 1 will be 3 sets of 15 points and finals will be 3 sets of 21 points. In division 2, it ll be 1 set of 21 points only until final.

3.      Players would be Categorized into Groups based on Seeding from previous years (to make sure top seeded will not meet each other in the Leagues)

4.      In league matches, each Player in a particular group will play with every other (Round Robin Format).

5.      Minimum of 5 players or 5 pairs of players need to sign up to be able to conduct the tournament in the given category and given age limit.


1.      The registrations will be closed by Jan 31st and schedule will be published the day before the tournament. Please report 10-15 minutes before your scheduled match.

2.      The groups/divisions for each category will be determined by ranking from last year and all new registrations will be assigned random divisions.

3.      Please bring your own racket. The shuttles [MAVIS 350 Green-Nylon] will be provided by PATA team.

4.      The umpires/Line judges will be among us and their call will be final. 

5.      The tournament format is such that each of the participant gets to play at least 3-4 games for each category. Quarters, semis and finals will be knockouts.

6.  For Folks who wish to participate in MD, XD and do not have a partner, you will be paired with other solo participants (if available) before Jan 31st.

7.      We plan to Send out the time slots allocation and your schedule for further communications.


Please contact us at