-: Message from 2019-2020 Committee :-

It has been wonderful opportunity to serve PATA and its patrons during 2019-2020 while we serve the community in various ways.  Thanks to the PATA board and its members in entrusting us to conduct and carry out PATA mission through various events.

-: 2019-2020 Achievements :-

  • Streamlined and consolidated web activity under manapata.org
    • E-mail communications 
    • Event and Ticket sales
    • Year-round donations
    • Volunteer and Event Signups
    • Consolidated and documented sports committee rules
  • Transitioned social media presence into business account for improved control 
  • Coordinated and conducted Independence Day in collaboration with 5+ local Indian communities, which is novel.
  • Achieved several milestones during Diwali celebrations
    • 3 hours dedicated show by two renowned singers
    • Recorded highest amount of donations and sponsorships.
    • Recorded highest number of attendees. 
  • Built deeper relationships with local communities like Dunlap School district.
  • Conducted Health awareness session in benefit of community.


-: Events during 2019-2020 year :-

Date Events Venue Volunteer hours (approx) Event Highlights
Jun 29 2019 Picnic Event Detweiler Park 250+ https://photos.app.goo.gl/o9gmrXxevNbFMj1r7
Jun 29 2019 Vantala Poteelu Detweiler Park 50+ https://photos.app.goo.gl/kpZ3g7uKpFt4Yzns8
July 20 2019 Shri Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna  Diet program Hindu Temple Peoria 100+ https://photos.app.goo.gl/nwNhC4JE4KwYPF7J6
Aug 15 2019 India's Independence Day HGES Gym 400+


Jun - Oct 2019 Get Fit with PATA (Initiated Walking / Biking / Running clubs concept) Various Trails 100+  
Jun - Aug 2019 Chess Club North Branch Library 200+  
Sep 22 2019 Youth Tennis Tournament Richwoods courts 100+ https://photos.app.goo.gl/wprd2NeD3HtmMNgH6
Sep 22 2019 Adult Tennis Tournament DHS courts 80+ https://photos.app.goo.gl/wprd2NeD3HtmMNgH6
Sep  - Oct 2019 PATA-CAP Men's Cricket Tournament CAP Ground Peoria 250+  
Sep 2019 PATA-CAP Women's Cricket Tournament Mossville Ground 80+  
Nov 2 2019 Diwali Dunlap High School 1800+ https://photos.app.goo.gl/jibjWZn6VsFUMBYY9
Mar 7 2020 Youth Chess Tournament North Branch Library 60+ https://photos.app.goo.gl/PbwsRZH5RczbySQPA
Mar 14 2020 Adult Chess Tournament Planned but Canceled  50+  
Feb 2020 Badminton Tournament Rivercity 250+ https://www.facebook.com/615491975628199/posts/783745208802874/?d=n
Feb 2020 Ping pong Tournament Volunteers house 100+ https://photos.app.goo.gl/vFuWUQCrX6k4fFHG8
Apr 2020 PATA Rangoli Competition Canceled 0  
Apr 2020 Ugadi Canceled 0  


-: 2019-2020 Committee Members :-

Mallikarjun Garipally
Latha Korapati
Vice President
Shrinivas Chilveri
General Secretary
Phani Thaduvayi
Web and PR
Pavani Unnam
Youth Coordinator
Meghana Ramoju
Youth Coordinator

Srikar Thaduvayi
Cultural Coordinator
Anjaiah Unnam
Cultural Coordinator
Padma Ravipati
Cultural Coordinator
Vijay Shekar Rao Akula
Cultural Coordinator

Bhaskar Vadakattu
Sports Team Coordinator
Narasimha Rao Korrapati
Sports Team Coordinator
Mahesh Ramoju
Sports Team Coordinator
Kiran Velpula
Sports Team Coordinator

Nagaraju Perumalla
Food coordinator
Sridhar Chintapalli
Food coordinator
Shashank Mupparapu
Food coordinator
Laxmisruthi Chakka
Food coordinator

Manoj Kundrapakam
Audio/Video Communications
Venkat Kondur
Audio/Video Communications
Sangamesh Sonth
Nageshwar Kapa

Sridhar Kota
Chandra Sekhar Yedavalli
Venkatesh Sama


-: Much needed recognition :-

Apart from innumerous volunteers and their effort, we would like to recognize the following for their consistent and committed efforts throughout the year. 


Aasrith Reddy Jyothi Thaduvayi Praneet Korrapati Sumathi Unnam
Akhilesh Garipally Kalyan Vutukuri Sabitha Ramoju Swapna Perumalla
Anil Gogineni Krishna Unnam Shreya Perumalla Uday Gandham
Anjali Yedavalli Kumar Neela Srihari Potlabathini Venkat Gali
Jyothi Chiliveri Navya Yadma Srinivas Sama Vinitha Devi Garipally