Hiking Club


PATA is conduct weekly once hiking in and around peoria trails, with a target of total of 60 miles for entire season. We encourage you to signup and participate regularly. We will be presenting awards to those who meet the target miles in this season.

Hiking Schedule. We will be updating the location address info and Map path as we get close to the scheduled day for each hike.

!!!!!! Waiver form must be signed before joining PATA hiking. If you haven't signed the waiver yet, please e-sign or print, sign it and send it back to sportspata@gmail.com or bring it with you for your first hike. Please refer below for waiver form. !!! 

Hiking Pictures

Hiking Tracker

Firt name Last name Total Miles
Anjaiah Unnam 49
Sai Sudheer Bathineni 45
Rathnakar Chandupatla 41
Praveen Bandaru 29
Nagaraju Perumalla 23
Akhilesh Garipally 22
Krishna Unnam 22
Amogh Chandupatla 18
Basava Timmidi 15
Mallikarjun Garipally 15
Pavani Unnam 15
Rao Korrapati 15
Shreya Perumalla 15
Rajul Jain 14
Maheedhara Reddy Mukka 11
Sridhar Lakkidi 11
Bharathi Gopalan 7
Ethiraj Ramachandra 7
Garima Agrawal 7
Gopalakrishna Narava 7
Pallev Patel 7
Ryan Vanderzee Vanderzee 7
Sriram Anikode 7
Mahathi Adivi 4
Raghu Raman Nanduri 4
Sabari Giri 4
Satish Amarthaluri 4
Shailaja Gangula 4
Sumati Unnam 4
Vijay Badam 4
abhinav Jain 3



1. All participants to download, sign and bring this mandatory waiver when joining for the first hike.  Please e-sign and send the softcopy back to sportsPATA@gmail.com or bring a signed copy with you on your first hike. You will not be able to participate without signed waiver. If you do not have a printer you can use any apps or online wiebsites (e.g., digisigner or docusign etc.,) that allow to e-sign and send the signed document to PATA. 

2. Maintain social distance and hike at your own risk. Each individual is resposible for their safety.

3. Bring your own drink/snack to keep you hydrated.

4. PATA will track the miles hiked. All participants to follow PATA set hiking path and hike along PATA volunteers to be eligible to add milies added to the tracking sheet.

5. PATA  created a whatsapp group to communicate updates about the hiking schedules. You can join the whatsapp group by clicking this link.

6. By signing up, you are giving permission to PATA to display your name, miles hiked, Photos from Hiking on PATA website and Whatsapp group.

7. The signup form has options to choose your preferred slot over the weekends (8-10AM or 2-4PM). PATA  decided with 8AM slot on Saturdays with an exception of 2 weekends we do on Sundays (7/11 and 7/25). We are collecting time slot option for future use.

Signup form: (closed for the 2021 season. Please check communications email for next year and follow the deadlines mentioned in email if you are interested to signup for next time)