Diwali 2019

PATA is in its 17th year, has conducted over 50 events with average attendance of 400+ (in recent years). These events draw a variety of audience like members from Peoria, Bloomington, Champaign etc and different age groups.

An upcoming PATA event “Festival of Lights – Diwali” on Nov 2nd 2019 celebrates a major festival of India. This event will be hosted at the Dunlap High School Auditorium and will feature:

  • 2.5 hrs of local performance show, which includes 20+ performances
  • 60+ local Performers with ages from 5 years to 60 years
  • 1000+ volunteer hours
  • 1000 expected attendance
  • Serve authentic Indian food

This year’s event will showcase well known singers Anjana Sowmya and Sandeep Kurapati will be performing our beloved songs live On-stage in multiple languages. They will be hosting the event and will perform 2+ hrs performance taking the crowd through 50 years of music.

We are looking for financial support from you or your esteemed organization name / person name> in support of “Festival of Lights – Diwali”.  PATA sponsorship team will work with the individual or with your organization to build a customized sponsorship / donation plan that suits the intent. Customized plan can encompass general donations, VIP tickets, In-kind donations or event marketing. PATA welcomes any level of donation.

Looking forward for your generous support.