PATA Youth Chess Tournament

Tournament Date 07 Mar 2020
Location Peoria Public Library North Branch, McKenzie Room
Pre-register online at  before 1st March 2020 mid night. Do not wait until last day to register. Early registration helps better planning for the event
$15 - Fees to be paid at the time of online registration, not transferable to other players, no refunds for no show. Fee includes pizza lunch.
All players must pre-register online at
Chess sets, clocks and notation sheets will be provided
Spectators or other players are not allowed to get close to the playing area, but can watch from a distance silently
Players should sign up in one of the 2 sections: U500 and OPEN.
U500 is a reserve section for players with USCF rating under 500. Unrated players in grades K-5 can also play in this section. USCF membership is not a requirement
OPEN section is open for everyone in K-12 grades in school. College students should sign up as adult.
Each round will be 30 minutes with 5 sec delay, tracked with chess clock
Players must use chess clock and record moves on a notation sheet. Bring a pen/pencil to write
First round pairings will be done only for the players who show up by 10 AM on the day of tournament.
The Swiss system will be used for pairing
The Swiss System operates by ordering the players by rating within score, splitting the list in half of each pairing group and pairing the top half with the bottom half.
Top player in the top half will play the highest rated player in the bottom half. The second player in the top half is then paired against the second player in the bottom half, and so forth.
Pairings may be adjusted at Tournament Director (TD)’s discretion as needed
In case of odd number of players in any round, player with lowest rating will not play and will be given "full point bye" for that round. No player receives more than one bye per tournament.
Once pairings are announced, no more players will be taken for that round even if they registered online already
Players who registered online can play subsequent rounds even if they miss first round. No points will be given for "no show" or missed rounds
US Chess rules will be followed including "touch move" and "touch take"
In case a player does not show up for a round after pairing is done, the opponent automatically gets full point
Player who resigns or runs out of time on his/her clock automatically loses the round
Winning a round gets 1 point, losing gets 0 point, draw gets 0.5 point for each player
In case of tie for a prize, the following tie break methods will be applied in this order to identify the winner
1.Modified Median 2.Solkoff 3.Cumulative 4.Cumulative opponent's score
Minimum players requirement
Minimum of 4 players required to organize tournament for each section
If 5 or more players play in a section, they will play 4 rounds. If only 4 players show up, they will play only 3 rounds
In case of any one section not meeting minimum number of players, that section games will be cancelled, but they will not be merged with the other section
If any section games get cancelled, each player from cancelled section will be given a chance to play in the other only if they meet the qualifying criteria
Any player who does not want to play in the other section or not qualified to play in the other section will get their fee refunded
3 players will be announced for prizes in each section
Prizes will be awarded during upcoming UGADI celebrations
Pizza and juice will be available for players at no charge during lunch time around 11:30 AM. Bring your own bottle of water to drink
Parents are expected to wait for pizza until all players are served. Bring your own bottle of water to drink


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