Ugadi Cultural Signup

PATA Ugadi 2022 Cultural Signup

This year's Ugadi celebrations mark the 20th anniversary for PATA and will be celebrated at Five Points Washington on 03/20/2022.
We would like to make this a memorable event with your support.
We plan to limit the event to 2 hours or less and so have to curb the # of entries. Please accept our apologies and thank you for your understanding.
Please reach out to for any questions.
1. Entries must be submitted with complete info while registering (Item name & participants' full name)
2. Entries must include a minimum of 3 participants. This applies to vocal singing as well.
3. Only Telugu and Sanskrit songs are allowed and no song repetition is permitted, unless it is part of a medley
4. Any performance should not exceed 5 minutes of length.
5. Audio files must be uploaded to the assigned folder by 03/04/2022.
6. All items will be reviewed for quality, length and appropriateness.
7. All participants are required to attend a mandatory rehearsal on 03/13/2022 between 5PM and 9PM.
Allocations based on age group:
Ages 4 to 7 - 2 slots
Ages 8 to 10 - 3 slots
Ages 11 to 18 - 5 slots
Ages 19 and above - 5 slots
Vocal Singing - 2 slots
If we have more submissions than the allotted slots, a lottery method will be used to pick the entries.
Signup form will be closed on 01-30-2022.