Cost: $7 for Singles or Doubles. $14 for both Single and Doubles.

General Rules:

  • All players must pre-register online at
  • Tournaments are organized into
    • Adults Singles
    • Adults Doubles
    • Kids Singles
    • Kids Doubles
  • Adults Age: 18 and above. Kids: Below 18
  • Bring your own paddles. Balls will be provided by PATA
  • Doubles Partner to be provided by the Individual during Sign up. PATA Sports committee can help in pairing up, if anyone is available. In case of unavailability, that registration will not be considered.
  • PATA sports committee’s decision will be final - rules & regulations, schedule/rescheduling, cancellations. No external discussions are entertained.
  • No separate tournaments for Gents/Ladies and Boys/Girls
  • By signing up you have agreed to all rules & conditions.

Tournament Style:

  • Participants are divided into two groups (A and B) through lottery. Lottery will be conducted by PATA sports committee.
  • Each group will follow Round Robin - each player/team plays with another player/team in the group.
  • Player/Team gets a point on each win.
  • Top 4 players/Teams from both the group combined will be moving onto next round (i.e Top 4 of all participants in the tournamnet).
  • The top 4 players/Teams will go through Round Robin. 
  • Top 2 standing will be declared as Winners  and Runners. 
  • No Semi Final and No Final.

Scoring and Games

  • Games are played for 21 points
  • Players serve five serves each, alternating. A player does not have to win specifically off their own serve in order to win a point
  • If a game ties at 20-20, a player must win by 2 points. In this situation, players serve one serve each, alternating
  • Only one Game is playned in the Initial Round Robin with an opponent.
  • Top 4 Round Robin will be played best of 3. 
  • If person/Team wins first 2 games, he/she/team is declared as the winner and 3rd game is not required to play.



  • Must throw the ball up straight, from a flat palm, at least 6 inches (16cm)
  • Toss and service contact must be behind the table surface (not over)
  • Cannot hide the ball from the ball toss to contact, with any part of your body
  • If the ball hits the net during service, it is a let, the point is replayed. There is no limit or point deductions for let serves.
  • If the paddle hits the table, it is not considered as fault - play to be continued as usual


  • For Singles – Winner & Runner, Doubles – Winners Team & Runners Team


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