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PATA is happy to inform you that Peoria has Telugu learning center with 50+ students in various levels. For additional information, please read below:




The greatest and most powerful gift a parent can give their children is to pass their language and culture. Literacy in the mother tongue strengthens cultural identity and heritage. The mother tongue plays a very important role in developing thoughts, shaping experiences, exploring customs, and articulating values. Our mother tongue Telugu with its mellifluous qualities is called the “Italian of the East”. Its pride lies in its evolutionary expansion to suit every form of expression.

Encouraging young children to learn our Mother Tongue TELUGU would help them to develop confidence, self-esteem and their unique identity in the global world. With this as the mission SiliconAndhra started ManaBadi Telugu classes in April 2007. At present over 10500 students across 35 states in USA, 12 countries outside USA are learning Telugu with great interest. More than 45000 students have successfully learnt our mother tongue Telugu at SiliconAndhra ManaBadi in the last 12 years.  The parents and grandparents are thrilled about the results.

The salient features of SiliconAndhra ManaBadi program are:

Focus on all aspects – reading, writing and speaking.

ManaBadi Levels :

  • BalaBadi (4 to 6 years, new students)
  • Pravesam (6+ years, new students)
  • Prasunam (returning students)
  • Prakasam (returning students)
  • Pramodam (returning students)
  • Prabhasam (returning students)


Kranthi Kothamachu (309-369-0109)


7620, North University Street, Peoria, IL, 61614, United States