Tennis Signup Rules 2023


You are welcome to play at your own discretion and at your own risk. The Peoria Area Telugu Association or the Coordinators will NOT be held responsible for any injuries sustained by the players during the match. If the state or national guidelines develop that suggest tennis is inherently unsafe, or we have a stay-at-home order, then we reserve the right to shut down the league.  Please follow COVID-19 guidelines by wearing face-mask during non-playing time and social distancing.


  1. 2023 PATA Adult Tennis tournament will be conducted on August 26th (Doubles) & August 27th (Singles).
  2. Singles Players can sign up in one of the two age divisions
    1. Single 18 to 49 years
    2. Single 49+ years
    3. Doubles 18+ Years
  3. There is no age division for Doubles.  The only division is 18+ for doubles.
  4. All participants have to register themselves and mention their doubles partners (if applicable) before 7 PM CST on August 24th.
  5. Late entries may not be considered.
  6. Minimum of 8 singles players or 8 doubles teams need to sign up to be able to conduct the league tournament in the given category and given age division.
  7. The matches will be held at Dunlap High School.  We may use Richwoods High School location as a backup incase DHS is occupied.  In case of any changes, the same will be communicated via email to all.
  8. Players can check-in themselves at DHS start 7:30 AM CST on both days.  Matches will start at 8 AM CST.
  9. Registered players will be segregated into Group A & Group B.
  10. In the first round each player will play 5 games against other players within their Group.
  11. Players with maximum number of winning games will qualify for next round.
  12. The number of players that can qualify to next round will depend on the number of players signing up and number of players in each Group.  This will be communicated later.


Registration Fee is $15 per person for either Only Singles or Only Doubles.   

If playing both Singles & Doubles, then the Registration Fee would be $20 per person.